Winter is a Great Time of Year to Find a Buyer for Your Home!

It’s counter-intuitive to think that winter might be the best time of year to put your home on the market but there are a lot of reasons why it’s a good idea. If you’re not sure about the right timing to begin marketing your home for sale, consider these points:   If your the buyer […]

Zoning Inspections No Longer Required in Tewksbury Township

News Flash! The Tewksbury Township Committee voted unanimously tonight to repeal inspections by the Zoning Officer as a pre-requisite to the sale of a home in Tewksbury Township.  This new ordinance goes into effect immediately. Of course, homeowners still must apply to the Township for necessary permits before undertaking certain kinds of improvements to their […]

SOLD! 17 Beavers Road, Tewksbury Township, New Jersey — $610,000

The sale of this home has a special place in our real estate hearts.  Prior to connecting these buyers and sellers, the sellers had been frustrated with the outcome of their efforts to sell their property — after lots of agent showings and well-attended open houses, they still didn’t have an offer that was acceptable […]

Would You Move if the Right Buyer Came Along?

We’re only a few weeks into 2013 and already it’s clear that the local real estate market is recovering.  We have found that while buyers are suddenly eager to buy after years of postponing their move (we can’t get past the thought of living in our parents’ basement for 6 long years), these determined buyers are frustrated at […]

Should You Remodel Your Kitchen Before You Sell?

Step away from the sledgehammer. There are significant benefits in preparing a home for sale before it goes on the market but keep in mind that there are a lot of projects that don’t provide good return on their investment, i.e., the value they add to your home is less than what the renovation costs. […]

Winter Staging Ideas for Home Sellers

We just finished up a photoshoot at a friend’s house in Tewksbury that will be coming on the market soon (contact us if you want to know where!) and found it almost comical how many times we pointed out to the sellers the difference between how one lives in a house and how one presents […]

West Morris Central Ranked 220th Best American High School by Newsweek!

It’s always great news when one of our local schools receives positive recognition!  Newsweek magazine recently published a report in which it ranked West Morris Central High School the 220th best high school in the United States (the article referenced the schools it considered to be in the top 500).  The schools were ranked based […]

Details Matter! Photography & Staging Your Home

There are many things that can’t be controlled in the process of selling your home, so at Leaf, Realtors, we aim to leave nothing to chance whenever possible and we hire experts for each component of our home marketing instead of doing it ourselves.  For example, we don’t claim to be experts at photography or […]

‘Tis the Season for Property Tax Appeals

If you currently own real estate in New Jersey, you have the singular pleasure of sharing in a property tax system that has the highest property tax rate as a percentage of property value (1.89%) according to  If you are frustrated about the amount of property taxes you pay, there are a few things […]

Ethical Realtors®??? Absolutely!

Did you know that there is a Code of Ethics for Realtors®? The National Association of Realtors® (NAR) publishes it’s Code of Ethics every year and members (i.e., anyone who calls his/herself a Realtor®) has an obligation to adhere to the standards set forth in the NAR Code of Ethics. The Realtor® Code of Ethics […]