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Leaf, Realtors was born out of the opportunity presented by the internet-based sharing of listings across all brokerages and a belief that customers could be offered a better level of service.

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Its's about service, not scale

The internet changed real estate. Aggregator websites such as and zillow have become the go-to resource for buyers looking for complete information about properties for sale.



Additionally, in the past, brokerages could only market their own listings, but now, because of the internet, brokers now share their listings with other brokers. You can see Leaf listings at any broker’s website, and other brokers’ listings on the Leaf website. 


On all of these websites, every brokers’ listings share equal prominence with no preference for the listings of any particular broker. The equal exposure of listings allows smaller brokerages to play on a level playing field with their local, regional, national and international competitors.


Therefore with exposure being equal, the only differentiator has become service. Service is a dish best served small.


Our mission is to leverage our size to deliver exceptional service by focusing on the details. We don’t believe in silver bullets or shortcuts. We believe that great results are the cumulative effect of well-executed, micro-level details.

Staging & Photography
We work with our photographers to personally style each shot after the staging is complete. We hire top-notch photographers who are willing to shoot in longer sessions than with other agents because we’re obsessed with showing your home’s features the best possible way. We sometimes photograph a room multiple ways to ensure we’re getting the best shot. We also use virtual staging to enhance the presentation of homes as needed.
In-Depth Pricing Analysis
Finding the right price to position your property in the market involves more than just putting “comps” into a piece of software. We have a constant conversation in our company about trends we are seeing emerge locally, what is driving them, and what we think it means for the short- and long-term future for our clients as well as our advocacy strategies.
Strategic Advertising Copy
We take a painstaking approach to copywriting. We’re not turning a list of features and finishes into paragraphs, we’re spinning a narrative about the experience of living in your home.
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Custom Property Website Design
We have an in-house designer who builds not just our website, but each property’s listing page by hand, instead of simply presenting the information in a template fed by limited data from the MLS.
Uncompromised Advocacy
Real estate commission rules allow us to represent both the buyer and the seller on the same transaction. We believe it’s not good for buyers and sellers if the same agent represents both buyer and seller, so we never allow the same agent to represent the buyer and the seller in a sale transaction. Does that mean that our agents leave 50% of the possible commission on the table? Yes. Is this the right thing to do for our clients? Yes.
Doing the Right Thing
As members of the local community, our reputations mean everything to us. We are playing a long game rather than rushing transactions through to meet the demands of someone in upper management concerned about how month-end numbers affect her bonus schedule. (Been there, done that).
Quality not Quantity
We only hire people who share our values. After working in large offices where the business model rewarded volume and not client outcomes, we decided to focus on quality, not quantity. We feel that by keeping it small, we ensure that Leaf’s values of ethics, excellence, and full client advocacy are met with every transaction.
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Top-Notch Agents
We hire only smart agents with a deep knowledge of our market areas. Our agents have extensive experience in negotiating and getting from contract to closing in different price points and local geographic areas.
Size Matters
Our small size is strategic and we keep our brokerage and our client list small by design. We’ve seen the loss of service that happens when companies get too big. Our size enables us to make sure every transaction is personal.
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We Have Something to Prove
We know we’re small, we know that our competitors try to hold this against us. We’re not relying on a familiar brand, a family name, or a prestigious association to influence people to hire us. We work hard to make sure we give you what you need and not just what is easy for us to provide.

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