17 beavers exterior high shotThe sale of this home has a special place in our real estate hearts.  Prior to connecting these buyers and sellers, the sellers had been frustrated with the outcome of their efforts to sell their property — after lots of agent showings and well-attended open houses, they still didn’t have an offer that was acceptable to them, so they took their house off the market for a break.  Relocating from overseas, the buyers had viewed scores of properties in the Tewksbury/Mendham/Somerset Hills area and were frustrated that they couldn’t find a property that fit what they were looking for.  After introducing the buyers to the sellers, it was clear that we had a match that benefitted everyone — the buyers found a home that was a far better fit than anything else they had seen before and the sellers were able to complete their move without disrupting their household to market their home.
Congratulations to P.B. and J.D. on the sale of their home and we welcome A.W. and S.W. and their family and congratulate them on purchasing a home in Tewksbury.
If you’d like to learn more about finding buyers for your home without listing your home on the Garden State Multiple Listing System or finding properties not currently on the market, let us know.