This architecturally-interesting international-style home is beautifully-sited on a wooded lot on a cul-de-sac of other contemporary homes.  Rectilinear lines, multiple exterior balconies, extensive arrays of windows, and an open floor plan distinguish it from other contemporary homes typical of our area.  The sellers of this home benefitted from Leaf, Realtors’ extensive network in finding international relocation buyers who appreciated the superior location and architectural values of the property.  As a result, the sellers of this home were able to achieve their goal of finding a buyer quickly so they could move forward with their plans for their next home.
Congratulations to the sellers,  K.K., F.K. and M.K.!  We’ll miss you as our neighbors and wish you well in your new home!  Congratulations to buyers J.S. and M.S. and your family on finding a new place to call home!  Welcome to the neighborhood!