tape measureWe are frequently asked about the square footage of properties (a/k/a “gross living area” or “GLA”), particularly when home buyers and sellers see descriptions of properties on the internet with descriptions that either do not include a reference to the square footage of a particular property or have square footage information that conflicts with information they’ve obtained from another source.
Unlike the Malibu property referenced in a recent New York Times article, for most properties, a precise square footage measurement is not as important to the buyer as how the actual space functions for the buyer’s intended use.  However, for situations in which the measurement raises special concerns, ask the following questions:

When referencing the square footage of a property, we rely upon the information provided by the municipality’s tax assessor’s office.  For many properties, this information is available to the public, with no charge, at www.njactb.org (hint: click on “Record Search”).  It’s interesting to note that after looking at hundreds of properties over several years at this website, we’ve noticed that some of the properties have changes in the square footage measurements on record over time.
If you have specific questions about a particular property regarding its square footage or its features, we would be happy to share our insights.  Just call us at 908-975-9756 or contact us online.